…you produce enough foals every year that you easily donate 15+/- to a university for lab research!! …your solid white foals keep on dying and you have no idea why!?!?! …slaughter houses closing is your number one excuse for your foals being so cheap. …You have no idea how to[…]

You might be a BYB if….

FireShot Screen Capture #149 - 'Strong and Bold winter Horsesfor sale' - montana_craigslist_org_pet_4299235872_html

Oh goody, another CL scam, this time it’s Gypsy Vanners. Here is the ad… Click here for the original ad Whenever I think an ad is suspect I start googling whatever is available to check, email addresses, phone numbers, names of horses, farms, trainers, and my favorite…pictures. These two pictures[…]

Oh Goody, More CL scams…

Morgan Stallion for sale CL

9 Year old Morgan stallion Registered – $1200 (5559 Strasburg RD. Gap) I have a green broke Registered 9 year old Morgan for sale. And He is like a chestnut color.He is built pretty as can be good manners. He through a lot of nice Colts already. Call or txt[…]

Stud or Dud?

Nick P blog Shayne 1

It started out innocently enough with a pm on Facebook saying “oh boy, have i got a treat for you”. It was followed by a link to a video of a “Dressage Master” riding some very poorly performed Dressage tricks, and in very poor form. The video has since been[…]

Fat and Ugly

Shirley temple

Shirley Temple- April 23, 1928- February 10, 2014 I feel like I lost an old, dear friend today. I saw my first Shirley Temple movie when I was in the second grade. It was at a school assembly, probably due to bad weather, and we watched Heidi. It was the[…]

Shirley Temple- A tribute


Wanted horses I am wanting to take in any kind of horse they will live on a 12 acre horse equine and western ranch These some pic of my horses. They also must be sound and registered. I would like a foal but old will work to they will never[…]

I smell a scam…

snarky rider logo

Pony for sale. “Gus” is a 5-6 yr old pony. Dog gentle. Can catch him anywhere. He’s broke to ride enough for a kid to be led around on. He might be bridle broke but I am not sure. Hasn’t been ridden in over a year. Got him for my[…]

Pony for sale- Dog Gentle

The Loaf tee-shirts are designed and ready to order! There were a few glitches along the way, but it’s a learning curve We went with an artist rendition because it made the profit margin a little higher, and that means Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team will get more money at[…]


someone warned you

For those of you that may not have been following, or paying attention, or maybe you are just suffer from ADHD, a few weeks ago I won a $100 GC on a new social media group Trit-Trot. They even named the award after me! Bahahaha, I have been immortalized! Oh,[…]

Update-$100 GC