White Bird Appaloosa HR

White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue rescues, you may have guessed, Appaloosas 😉 Run by the magnificent Jorg in Virginia, White Bird indeed specializes in Appy’s but doesn’t limit their caregivings.  From our in depth interview, “We specialize in Appaloosas, but we won’t turn away horses of other breeds if the need is urgent and we have the resources to help. Recognizing that we couldn’t save everyone, we were determined to be efficient in helping those we could. Specializing in Appaloosas not only allowed us to provide a point of contact between horses needing homes and the people looking for them, it enabled us to become proficient in spotting and treating the disorders they are prone to, such as squamous cell cancers, sarcoids and vision issues. But we still care a lot more about whether a horse is really in trouble than whether he has spots. A bottle of “Wite Out” can add spots pretty quickly”.

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Contacteth White Bird! :)  By email: whitebirdapps@gmail.com.  By phone: 434-767-2839


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