Corporate Whoredom

Yes, Snarky Rider is going the way of all great blogs – towards the money! (Show me the money!).  I would love for SR to start making some green.  SR is still a very young blog, just coming up on our first anniversary actually.  As such, the rates are incredibly reasonable – especially for a blog that boasts a crap-ton (it’s a technical term) of engagement in a highly specialized, niche market.  Here are a few of the staples I offer.

-product/service reviews (including, but not limited to, books, DVDs, tack/equipment, clothes/shoes, etc.) -Remember! Just because it’s not made specifically for the horse industry doesn’t mean a horse person wouldn’t love it (we do wear occasionally venture into the “real” world, you know!) 😉

-articles/freelance work (sample: Writing and Maintaining a Successful Horse Blog)

-site and/or post banner ads (design help is available)

A bit about SR:

(the following are average monthly numbers, taken over the past 4 months, May – August, from Google Analytics)

Visitors: 31,336

Unique Visitors: 7,420

Pageviews: 87,301

Average Visit Duration: 3:06

If you have some suggestions, questions, proposals, y’all know where to find me!

Hire me! Pay me your monies! 😀

[Acceptable forms of payment include, but are not limited to: squaring away my vet bills/credit cards, Paypal, donations to featured rescues (amounts to be discussed) and/or Starbucks gift certificates.] 😉