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It started out innocently enough with a pm on Facebook saying “oh boy, have i got a treat for you”. It was followed by a link to a video of a “Dressage Master” riding some very poorly performed Dressage tricks, and in very poor form. The video has since been[…]

Fat and Ugly

bitted  Head-to-Tail

I’m sure many of you have seen the story about the horse that died after being bitted up. For those of you that missed it here is the News Story Bitting…well what can I say, it’s for lazy people taking a shortcut. What they are looking for is a horse[…]

To bit or not to bit…

CL ad Friesian sport horse1

REGISTERED FRIESIAN SPORTHORSE – $3500 (Madisonville ) Due to moving overseas I have to sell my horses. Registered friesian sport horse. 50% friesian, 50% paint. She looks and acts every bit like a purebred friesian. Parents are Black N Foxy McCue and Heit Bouwe fan Bosma. Foaled 07/28/2008. She will[…]

I’m just Big-Boned!

FireShot Screen Capture #009 -Bad training

We see pics like this on Craigslist everyday. Every time I see one I think “What happens when the kid gets kicked in the head?” I guess this is what happens… Horse Shot After Boy Kicked In The Head The kid should have been supervised, and the horse should have[…]

Filly kicks child

FireShot Screen Capture #016 - 'Pure Bred Arabian Gilding 5 Years Old ( BROKE TO RIDE )' - kansascity_craigslist_org_grd_3974591275_html

This has sat in my mailbox for several days, because I’m not sure what is wrong with it, but I know it’s wrong. AQHA Cloning For starters the AQHA is being told which horses they have to let into the registry. Really? I thought the whole purpose of having your[…]

AQHA and clones

Thanks to the reader who posted this article to SR’s facebook page yesterday. I took one look and was horrified by the video of the poor mare. Click here to view video and accompanying article. Ummm, anyone else see anything wrong with that poor mare? How she managed to carry[…]

Easter Twins and a Starving Momma