About, Etc.

Let’s get one thing straight: the purpose of this blog is not to belittle anyone in their equestrian endeavors.  It started because one day we were sitting in a McDonald’s looking through the classifieds section of a horse magazine and started analyzing and commenting on (ok, lets just say it: making fun of) the quality of photos used.  Can you blame us though?!  Have you looked at some of the photos submitted? They’re asking $27,000 for a blurry screen shot from a crappy video.  Some of them were so bad they could have been photos of cows and you wouldn’t have been able to tell!

Anywho… the comments we make on photos are meant to be humorous in a sarcastic and snarky way (we can all thank the TV series Gilmore Girls for the term “snarcastic” – which is quite apt for this blog).  We will never make fun of the way someone looks or anything truly personal – our comments will instead be directed at your riding and your horses looks.   If you put the tack on incorrectly, you’re fair game.  If the foal resembles an alpaca, we reserve the right to tell people (see Horsepaca Baby).  If your elbows are out and practically flapping, naturally we’ll assume it’s because you’re trying to help your horse over some (possibly unseen/nonexistent) obstacle.

You’ve been warned! 😀