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I’ve been told that the internet is dumbing down society. How can that be? With all of that information how could we be getting dumber? Then I read some sales ads, or worse spend some time on social media. I wade through misspelled words, poor grammar, a compete lack of punctuation, and incorrectly used words. But what is almost worse is the number of people that defend it, claiming “auto correct” or “autocomplete”. Really?

Well, here are a few memes to help with educating the equestrian world… It’s a start. (Yes, I have seen all of these used incorrectly in ads and social media posts).


This one…well, it speaks for itself.

snarky says



Unless your ad is that you are ridding yourself of your riding partner, this doesn’t work in a sales ad.

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Okay, many ads are tall tales, so this one maybe be applicable.

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Actually, many of the horses for sale are well-weathered, so this one is a maybe.

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I have seen some pretty funny wedding pics that involved horses, so I can see where this one could become confusing.

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The horse and rider were gaiting through the gates of hell… that one may need some work.

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I am still waiting to see my first gilded gelding. My Akhal-Teke is as close as I have gotten.

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Ahhh, well now I am out of quippy remarks.

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Please help with my sanity, and share this far and wide, and back again.

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  1. Posted by Monica, at Reply

    A gilded gelding BAHAHAHA! That’s brilliant! (see what I did there?)