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Fridays on the facebook page, I have started Freaky Friday. People send me their stories or their rants and I post them through out the day. It’s been fun, and sometimes people even learn something. One of the stories today was about letting somebody ride who claimed to be a good rider (always a red flag). It reminded me of when I had a horse for sale several years ago.

He was a 16.1hh AQH about 11 years old at the time. He used to barrel race, was a ranch horse for a time, and I rode him Dressage. He was a very athletic horse, and was doing well at dressage, except when we would get disqualified for leaving the court. What can I say, he was enthusiastic. We had a bit of of following, mostly to see what would go wrong that day, we were always good for a laugh.

I was contacted by a woman I knew peripherally. She claimed to be a trainer, working mostly with beginners and people that trail rode. She was interested in him. I explained he was not an easy ride, and he was definitely NOT a beginner’s horse (I still own him and at 19 he still isn’t a beginner’s horse). She insisted he would be for her, and that she could handle him. We set up a time for her to try him out. I spent the day bathing, clipping, grooming, you know all of the stuff that cl ad posters never do 😉

She arrived with a student in tow, a 12 year old girl. I frowned and explained again, he was not a beginner’s horse, and definitely not a kid’s horse. She again assured me he was not for a beginner. I tacked him up and demonstrated what he could do. At the time he was a first level horse schooling 2nd level, and because of his background running barrels he had his flying lead changes also. He did, (and still does) have a HUGE trot. It is not an easy trot to sit, and even posting can be rough. As we were showing his working trot, you know, the medium, not extended trot, she says “You are over posting”. My immediate thought was “Fuck you, bitch”, but I refrained, it was still possible she was a potential buyer. You never know. I went ahead and showed them the rest of what he could do.

When it was her turn, she shortened the irons (too short).  I explained that she might not want them that short on him. She insisted that she was experienced and could ride him much better than I just had. I though to myself “this should be interesting”. I did have her sign a waiver, and required her to wear a helmet (I know my horse), and reiterated again, NOT A BEGINNER’S HORSE. She swung up on him, and exclaimed “Wow, he vibrates with power.” Little did she know. Now let me say, he was not a bucker, he would occasionally bolt, but he tried very hard to be a good boy. We were in a fenced arena, with soft footing. She started out walking on a loose rein, and announced she was going to trot. I told her his trot was big, and she should shorten the reins in preparation. She of course, did not. He gave her his version of a jog/trot (trust me it is not a jog!). Her eyes bugged out of her head, her ass was at least a foot and a half out of the saddle. “SHIIIIITTTT!!! she yelled at the top of her lungs. Her mass was flung up and over his right shoulder, she was only saved from a face plant because he stepped underneath her to catch her. That was very polite of him since she was frantically reeling in the reins,  and grabbing for the “oh shit” strap I had the fore site to put on the saddle. Her student stood there mute, with a shocked look on her face. I gleefully yelled “You’re over posting!”. I was laughing so hard I could barely reach out to grab his bridle and bring him to a halt. He rolled his eyes reproachfully at me (I am allowed to anthropomorphize if it makes a point in my story) as he stood next to me.

She then explained to me that as one professional to another it wasn’t very fair of me to not tell her his cue for the extended trot. I stood there looking at her incredulously, and before I could say anything her student spoke up and said, “That trot was smaller than the trot when she was riding him. Isn’t the extended trot bigger?” I could have kissed her. Needless to say I asked her to dismount and leave. I explained he was no longer for sale. She complained loudly to everyone within hearing distance how rude I was for not letting her try his canter. *headdesk*


Every time I see this picture it reminds me of that day. This girl even kind of looks like her…hmmmm, I wonder….




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  1. Posted by Bonnie Jernagan, at Reply

    I laughed so hard I cried. When you told her she was posting to high. I spit my tea all over the place. I totally understand. Adults bring their children for lessons and tell me how they rode bareback all over the country and could ride anything. I ask them if they would like to ride of course they are not dressed for it or they are scared to death you can tell by the look on their face. One women got on my horse that a baby could ride and was pulling his head back and he got all riled up and she told me he was a terrible horse. I told her to get off and take her kid home. LOL loved this one

  2. Posted by Paula, at Reply

    Isn’t this the standard seat of barrel racing? 😛

  3. Posted by ruth hoezee, at Reply

    saddle seat size 15”, rider’s seat size 22” chance of landing back in said saddle … 0% !!

  4. Posted by teekin, at Reply

    ” You’re posting too high” , you should have suggested she try to sit it.
    This should win some sort of award in realistic journalism. BRILLIANT.

    • Posted by Snarky Rider, at Reply

      Thank you :)