What do Starbucks, my ankle and Chubby Checker all have in common?

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So, there I was, minding my own business, when all of a sudden an 11′ 4″ giant comes strolling along.  He tips his hat at me and waves a cheery hello as he continues on his way.  Naturally I saw him for the evil genius he was and quickly took precautions for the obviously impending enslaught of battle.

Battle ready, I stood outside my preferred Starbucks, eyes pealed and ears atuned to anything that might indicate the direction from whence my gargantuan enemy would attack.  Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

My ankle gave out and I fell.  Dumping my freakin’ scalding coffee all over me (hair, face, WHITE SWEATER, and my HAIR!).

Yup, that’s right, I was walking back to my car, americano in hand, and I fell.  For no good reason.  And of course, my car was parked the closest to the door so the good patrons of Starbucks got a show.  Some woman came up and asked if I was alright.  My response? “I feel like I should take a bow or something” (It wouldn’t be the first time – I once fell down 1 step at a bar and got up, took a bow, and everyone applauded.  I’m that awesome.)  At that point I was less than 2 minutes from my house so back home I went to shower, change and attempt to relieve the seering pain in my arm.

Twelve hours later: My arm is no longer blazing an angry red in my general direction; however, my ankle is roughly the size of a Stephen King novel (I’m sorry, I know that guy is supposed to be the master of horror or whatever, but get to the frakking point already!  My gawd! After a certain point you’re no longer building suspense, just boredom! And a little bit of agony at the tedium of waiting for the bogeyman.)  Actually, it wasn’t that bad this morning, I could walk just fine on it – so walk I did.  I went to the barn after work and walked around for a bit and I think that might have been wrong. Now, it hurts to move it and to walk on it.

So that’s my excuse for not having a post ready for you guys – that is, except for this one.  Well, that and I went to look at a property to rent.  Unfortunately it’s a no go – which is kind of tragic because it was beautiful.  Just wasn’t quite right. Le sigh.

My ankle and I are going beddybye now.  Nightnight.

ps.  In case you didn’t get the Chubby Checker reference, I’m referring to his song “The Twist” because my ankle is twisted.  ha ha ha  Get it?

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  1. Posted by Lauren, at Reply

    Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Get well soon!

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      Rest? what is this “rest” you speak of? 😉 hehe Thank you! 😀

  2. Posted by SweetPea, at Reply

    Did that not too long ago. Ouch!!

  3. Posted by Ellen, at Reply

    Don’t worry. You aren’t alone in hurting yourself in stupid ways XD

    I once sprained my ankle putting a saddle away.

    4 months later, I broke my finger opening a gate (because the gate fell over due to horses deciding it was a toy and somehow pulling it off it’s hinges without knocking it down, but still…).

    I’m such a klutz on the ground, nobody can figure out how it is I manage to stay in the saddle when I really shouldn’t (and believe me, I’ve had a lot of flying-two-feet-above-the-saddle, reins-tangled-and-leg-over-the-horse’s-neck, “how the HELL did you stay on that?” moments).

    Get better soon!

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      hahaha that’s awesome! 😀 And thanks!

    • Posted by Quill, at Reply

      I’ve cut myself on pizza…twice.

  4. Posted by CattleDog, at Reply

    Feel better soon!

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      Thanks!! 😀

  5. Posted by Chelle Griffith, at Reply

    But was it a “Twist and Shout?”

    Oh, wait… different song. 😀

    Once your swelling goes down, you might want to pop into a chiropractor and have them look and be sure nothing’s out of whack. I gimped around on a bad ankle for a year, and my new chiropractor fixed it in 2 minutes. Seriously.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      I really should! I’ve popped a bone out of place in my foot a couple of times, it wouldn’t surprise me if something was askew now!

  6. Posted by Paula, at Reply

    I remember once walking along a country road at night and tripping down a pothole- I was wearing jodhpur boots which did not have ankle support, and I heard my ankle go crunch. Wierdly enough, it was only a mild sprain that got better within a week and not a break.

    Things I have fallen off:
    1. A horse
    2. A motor scooter
    3. A bicycle
    4. A hammock

    When I fell off on of these things I hit the back of my head and got concussion. The other things I suffer slight scratches and hurt feelings. Can you guess which one?

    • Posted by Paula, at Reply

      Sorry that should have been “suffered”.

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      oooh oooh! Was it the hammock?!

      • Posted by Paula, at Reply

        Snarky- You win some invisible carrots for your horsies!

        The concussion was mild, just feeling sick and having a headache, so I didn’t go to the hospital, just took some paracetamol. Not quite as fail as the time I fell over on my scooter, while completely stationary…

        So you are not alone in injuring yourself in bizarre ways!

  7. Posted by Jessy, at Reply

    I’m very clumsy too….about six-seven months ago I stepped out my hubby’s workshop and fell right…wrong I didn’t just fall I slipped on the top step(and no it wasn’t iced or anything like that) and bounced down both stairs and then twice on the ground my husband and son thought it was the funniest thing ever after they made sure I was alright….now seven months pregnant still just a clumsy makes for a very trying time and a very tired hubby…

  8. Posted by Obin, at Reply

    I once broke my foot on a 1 inch curb outside of a karaoke pub I attended…in flat sneakers…because I got excited about it snowing. Yeah…

    Get better soon!!

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      hahaha that’s awesome! :) and thanks! It’s a lot better already, though should prolly still get it checked out *looks the other way* (because that’s going to happen!)

  9. Posted by kris0227, at Reply

    Hehe. I’d love for my injury story to involve jumping some fancy expensive horse through a Grand Prix course… but alas…

    I once got into the tack room (no horses involved) part of a trailer to set down a bucket. It was rainy and wet, I slipped as I set the bucket down and stuck my arm out to catch the wall, my hand slipped backwards…. I ended up dislocating (and thankfully relocating) my shoulder, and tearing my rotator cuff tendon bad enough that I had to have surgery to repair it…. Everybody tells me I should get a better story because falling from my grandiose height of 4’11” and tearing tendons is just sad…. LOL.