Buck Buck Buck… GOOSE!

Aren't I adorable?!
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OMG isn’t he the cutest?  What an adorable expression on that pretty horsey!  And omgee isn’t the rider dreamy?  He looks sooo cool with those sunglasses! ~sigh~

You know how some horses have distinct likes and dislikes?  Idiosyncrasies and whatnot.  For example, some of them like bananas, some don’t.  Some like the rain and others are all like “Noooooo I’ll meltttttt.  I’m meltinggggggg.  Save meeeeeeee…”  Some like going for rides more than others.  And some, well some apparently like to buck.

“Selling a few a my horses and this guy has to go. Who ever buys this guy MUST have a good seat because he bucks every ride,at least one little bucking session i dont think he has a probleem he just likes bucking. but he is a real sweet boy and kids can ride him. he is 15.8 hands tall and he weighs 2000 pounds. “skiddy” is very relaxed when he is in his stall and he is sometimes picky with his food.but he is a good boy,he is a solid paint with one little white spot on his neck he is a good cow horse $5000 or best offer “

I’m sorry, he’s how tall? 15.8?  That can’t be right.  Just how many inches do they think is in a “hand”?  10? 8.394?  Pie?  I’m sorry, but I am NEVER going to pay someone $5000 if they think a horse could possibly be 15.8hh.  I’m also never going to pay $5000 for a horse that “likes bucking” even though “kids can ride him”.  I mean, my reservations do mostly stem from the 15.8hh thing, but I have this nagging feeling that I can find another horse that likes to buck for a few dollars cheaper (and a few less fries short of a happy meal, if you know what I mean).

Here a buck, there a buck, everywhere a buckbuck 😉

I dunno ’bout you, but he looks like he’s having a helluva lot of fun.  Bit yanked on so hard it looks like it’s going to wrest his lower jaw from his face, jackass bouncing on his back…  Yup, sounds like fun to me.

And the coup de grace:

Would you like to know what my favorite part of this ad is?  It’s the part where they know he’s going to buck, and yet they throw this guy on the horse!  With no helmet!

That squishy thing between your ears, use it!  (Because it definitely is not there for decoration! -it ain’t that pretty to look at!)

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  1. Posted by Monica, at Reply

    You know, I can’t help but get the feeling that this might actually be a good boy and might even start acting like if he gets an upgrade.

    Also: LET GO OF THE HORSE’S MOUTH YOU FUCKING MORON! Ah, I feel better now…

  2. Posted by Jan Sharp, at Reply

    Not a whole lot of market for a horse that can be expected to come unglued sometime during each ride, other than at the rodeo. There is a huge hole in his training somewhere, or some serious tack fit ,bit, teeth, or pain issues going on that someone is missing.

  3. Posted by cattypex, at Reply

    I’d wager it started out as a back pain issue, then became a habit PLUS the back pain. LOOK at that rider. When I see stirrups that much too long, I see Impending Disaster. Usually the rider – I don’t care how long he’s “ridden” – relies on spurs when you see those heels up so badly, and has no real leg aid. Or leg support. And then you bouncebouncebouncebouncebounce. I see a lot of Western riders ignore proper warmup ANYTHING.

    Well, wait. LOOK how high his head is, PLUS the tie-down. Of course he is going to resist by bucking – he’s got nowhere else to go.

    Yeah, I’ll join the “let’s first get to the source of his pain” brigade. I

    • Posted by Lunatteo, at Reply

      I agree. I saw the tie down and was like o.O? Tie down is not conducive to helping prevent a buck, that’s for sure. Unless it’s by betting a buck that the horse won’t dump the guy maybe.

  4. Posted by Speckled Hen, at Reply

    He weighs 2000 lbs? He carries it well. Must be big boned.

    • Posted by MustangTerri, at Reply

      Well, he is 15.8 after all. LOL!

  5. Posted by Stack, at Reply

    When a horse is bucking I’ve always pulled the head up and driven forward. If you allow them to throw their head and neck down, it gives them that much more power to get their back end up. With a tight tie-down, the only thing that can move if pulled up is the jaw….. In this case though the tie-down seems pretty loose, I noticed it’s slack on the bucking pic. It appears the horse is just opening his mouth, to evade the bit, to keep his head down and continue with the tossing of his rider. I’d say it’s a pointless piece of equipment here, but I’m guessing without it this horse would also throw his head up as another evasion.

    Marketing this as a horse that can be ridden by children is ridiculous. I’m not sure whether the bucking is due to pain or a behaviour issue, but he is clearly not something a child should be riding in his present state. $5000 – I have to assume this is a joke, perhaps an ad placed by a hilarious friend?

    I don’t think his heels are ridiculously up his foot is almost level, and we’re seeing them when he’s already been thrown a foot above his saddle. Everyone’s equitation likely fails at that point too. LOL

    • Posted by cattypex, at Reply

      I dunno, level feet usually mean one or more of the following:

      a) Stirrups too long for good support

      b) No clue on how to sink one’s weight into one’s heels & “ride over your feet” for good support & effective leg aids (Yes, this works in Western saddles, if it fits you correctly)

      c) Over-reliance on spurs as primary non-rein aid

      d) Someone has told the rider to “sit on your pockets” a few too many times

      e) It’s just a matter of time before a fall that shouldn’t happen… happens.

      • Posted by cattypex, at Reply

        (Looking at the picture of dude riding shows me that his stirrups are too long and he’s just sort of perched up there – while leaning back. He’s toast.)

        • Posted by Stack, at Reply

          His stirrups may be slightly long, but really don’t think they are glaring an issue as you are making it seem.

          • Posted by cattypex, at Reply

            Really? Well, too-long stirrups (or too-short) coupled with heels up/level feet has caused a lot of folks to fall off. Of course, the WORST problem here is that the horsejust does NOT like having this guy on his back – eitherbecause he’s a crappy rider, or he’s got a sore back, or some combination. Or he’s one of those mysteriously “cold-backed” horses. It happens.

  6. Posted by trisha, at Reply

    A friend contacted the seller… the add was a joke. Though points made about the rider and treatment of the horse are right.

  7. Posted by J Bone, at Reply

    This ad has got to be some sort of a redneck-humor joke!

    • Posted by claude, at Reply

      maybe a 500.00 horse for meat

  8. Posted by cowgirly, at Reply

    I can see past the 15.8 because I once accidentally hit the wrong number when posting a height and took SO much grief for it (it was a total typo) but the 2,000 pound weight estimate leads me to believe that someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Just look at him- that isn’t a 2,000 lb horse.

    And the description… this has to be a joke. There’s something going very wrong here and I am unsure who could say that is an episodal behavior that you could live with if you have a ‘good seat’.

    This is how “horse trading” got a bad name. 5 grand for that horse? I’ve got a bridge to sell you!

  9. Posted by TerrorizedTrailGuide, at Reply

    Surely they mean’t $50.00…. Rodeo might pick him up for that. Poor thing. The part about him being a picky eater makes me wonder if he’s ever had his teeth done in his life. I picked up a mare who’d ‘started’ rearing, she had most sensitive mouth ever so I took her to the vet and told him to do her teeth (with a whole lot of sedatives) he said she didn’t need it. (Doubt she’d ever had her teeth done either. ) I told him to do it anyway, bam. Amazing how well taking the source of pain away works…. Then it’s just about killing the habit. But really, these people need to be smacked for calling this a children’s horse.
    Ha, my horse is firmly convinced that all rain is made of acid.

  10. Posted by Charlotte, at Reply

    I gotta agree with Monica – I think this is a user problem. This horse needs someone who doesn’t have their head shoved up their ass.

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      That would definitely make it difficult to sit in the saddle properly… 😛

      • Posted by tincar, at Reply

        maybe he would do better to hold on with his teeth, hence the need to re-position head.

  11. Posted by cattypex, at Reply

    I, too, think that the ad is a joke, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the situation is very real.

  12. Posted by CanonCowgirl, at Reply

    They seem to be confused, a proven bronc may sell for $5000, but a horse who throws idiot riders in the dirt, um subtract a zero or two :-/

    Nothing says kid safe like a wildly bucking horse. Sheesh.

  13. Posted by Donna Lee, at Reply

    Consistant bucking is a “probleem”! I think he meant $500 instead of $5,000 just like he got the horses height and weight wrong. ; ) I hope he smartens up and and sells this horse for a lot less so someone experienced can help him!

  14. Posted by skinner, at Reply

    even though this was a joke….animals are only as good as the people handling them ! 😀

  15. Posted by Alpha Mare, at Reply

    You left out the part about the horse weighing “2000 lbs” — I doubt he weighs more than half that.

    Horse is either in pain, or has a brain issue. 😛

  16. Posted by Alysha, at Reply

    Hahahahaha omg this is my ad.. I posted it as a joke, for my friend. I found the pictures from a video on YouTube the rest is bullshit…

    • Posted by snarkyrider, at Reply

      LOL! No way!!! That’s awesome :) Do you have the link to the youtube video? I’d love to see that guy get tossed 😉

    • Posted by TerrorizedTrailGuide, at Reply

      haha nice. Wat does it say about the horse market that this is pretty close to believable? I saw an ad yesterday “Great super calm horse. Needs experienced rider!!!!” I’ve also seen 14 hand QH’s advertised as 16.6 hands. And recently, a mini horse advertised as being ridden by kids, teens and adults… on the trails. Fail.

  17. Posted by Nats, at Reply

    I would just love to throw my fictional children on him. I’m sure they would love to learn how to become projectiles. 😛

  18. Posted by Rachel G., at Reply

    Helmet Field Testers need!

  19. Posted by Ludie Stevens, at Reply

    HI! I know NOTHING about western horses and tack but the balance strap(Not sure what it is called?) at back of saddle looks awfully tight_more like the cinch strap in rodeo.I know my English tack horses would buck with that on them. Maybe this guy thinks it is cool to have a horse buck????

    • Posted by Jennifer, at Reply

      It’s called the back cinch, and you actually want it fairly tight. It ‘s a LOOSE back cinch that will slip back and turn into a bucking strap, not a tight one.

  20. Posted by sailormads, at Reply

    “he is a solid paint with one little white spot on his neck”
    Yeah… what about his face? o.O