The following ad was sent to us by a concerned reader due to the horse’s unpleasing aesthetics.  Seriously, someone beat that horse with the ugly stick.  I was all ready to make fun of it with comments such as “what the hell are the sellers thinking,” “someone beat that horse with the[…]

Hunted. Hunting. Hunter.

By now, most people have heard about the three horses that died while filming the HBO series “Luck”.  The first two were euthanized after breaking their legs during staged races and the third was apparently being walked back to the stables when it reared up and fell back. The American[…]

From Fugly: Unlucky horses on Luck

In 3…2….1… Let the whining begin! [youtube=] Isn’t there a Bible passage or something that says “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”? Ya? Well I think we should modify it slightly so that instead of “witch” it says “whiny little bitch” (or WLB, for convenience).  All in favor[…]

People like you give horse girls a bad name

Today, White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue would like to introduce Tilly Some people are driven to succeed. They are the first people to show up at the office in the morning and the last to leave. For vacation, they climb mountains in the Andes while everyone else is drinking too[…]

White Bird: Tilly

Alright, so our bestest good buddy, Darla Clark of Strawberry Mountain Mustang infamy, shared this CL ad on Facebook last night and upon reading it, we just had to share with all of you! “Pain in the ass mini donkey Precocious seven year old with a penchant for opening gates,[…]

Pain in the ass mini donkey

[youtube=] LMAO! Ok, I’m sure that after watching that, most of you are expecting some pretty snarky commentary.  But come on!  How awesome is that old dude?! Ignoring all the safety concerns that crop up from his mad skillz, it is so completely and entirely laughable that he thinks he[…]

Horsemanship at its best

Wow does this CL poster know how to evoke a number of different emotions in their reader! “these ponies were stolen via a bad check by a william turner..possesing chechs for a mr antz..beware..reward for return of these rescue ponies..was said they were relocated to maxton area..prob resold…was said given[…]

How can you adopt out stolen horses?