vanilla money dreamhorse

“(Quarter Horse people) like big butts and I cannot lie” – teeheeee Thanks a lot, Sir Mix-a-lot! (watch the video and thank me later lol) QH peeps, please explain it to me!  Because I truly don’t understand why this is the current breed ideal!  Functionally speaking these horses are practically useless! Functionally[…]

Honkytonk Badonkadonk

homework eating cat

It’s Saturday night, I have a migrain that this is what I feel happened to Sunday’s post: I’m not sure who the cat and who the dog is in this metaphor, nor do I care as long as someone else gets blamed! 😉

WDC: Homework

(Y’all remember the movie, Hook? Ru-Fi-oooo) So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the videos I created for the ESMA awards! lol They’re very WTF because I made them less than 10 hours before they were due (8 of those hours were dedicated to sleep) even though I’d[…]


Al hail the new Mayor!

When was the election? Why was I not notified?  I don’t typically vote but I feel I should have at least been given the option!  This is clearly an important topic that affects us all.  Did she run unopposed?  Were other breeds included? WHAT IS GOING ON?! “very gentle quarter[…]

Mayor of the Quarter Horses!

No.  Just no.

You know those tables where you can insert a “leaf” when company’s over and all of a sudden your 4 person dinner table seats 8?  Oh, ok good. You do know.  Nope, didn’t bring it up for a reason.  Thought just popped into my head, that’s all. Hi, and thanks[…]

Weiner horse v2


A great horse…  for the RIGHT RIDER. Chase is an eight year old Percheron Cross Gelding, who stands at 16 hands.  Chase came to us from New Holland, where he was purchased as a lead through.  He was pretty, sound, and a nice mover; but without a rider up he[…]

Gentle Giants: Chase