That mare's body is as long as a giraffe's neck!

The sad thing is, for a craigslist ad this one’s pretty good!  Even priced about right! “We have a 10 year old registered sorrel broode mare for sale or trade. Her registered name is POCO KING BAR DUNDEE. Her Sire(Father) is POCO PRONTO BAR. Her Dam(mother) is SKIPS RAVEN KEO.[…]

Dear Gawd Why?!

Yes, when an equine gets all up in your grill, that is a sign of affection...NOT!

We decided to take a detour from our usual craigslist hangout and ventured over to where we were immediately greeted with a zebra for sale.  No joke. RARE Trained, Sweet, Loving Zebra! $20,000 “Joey is a rare-ety and and certainly an eye-catcher. I have taken him to functions and[…]

Yup, this seems like a good idea

Ok so there was a bit of a downfall in communication and neither of us prepared a post for today! Seriously, one of these day’s we’ll get our collective shit together! lol  But I figured this could be a good opportunity to let those of you who aren’t following us[…]



You’re doing it wrong! That extreme head carriage and gaping mouth are signs that this mare is trying desperately to avoid her rider’s hands.  By traveling this way, dear “Freedom” also denies her rider access to her hindquarters and hocks – and thus never properly engages from behind.  See how[…]

Bit Acceptance 101

Last week we had a guest post on Scotch Bottom Shoes, a… nifty… little device in the draft continent of the horse world 😉 This week we have the much anticipated tale from Mackinac Island.  Enjoy! Mackinac Island As I was putting this post together, I did not know quite[…]

Mackinac Island

List T-Shirt

As most of you are aware, we have a little CafePress store set up.  You’re probably also aware that a dollar from every sale will be donated to the month’s featured rescue.  What you probably don’t know is that we’ve just added some new products! And because unfortunately you can’t[…]

10 signs you need this t-shirt!


“11/2 year old colt sorrel colt very loving boy 300 obo” Yup, not only are the owner’s words sprase, but so are the “facilities” in which this horse is kept.  We honestly cannot make sense out of that first picture – it looks like he lives in some sort of worn down brothel[…]

He just may live in Beirut

ehehehe cats just look funny wet.  There’s no denying it! [youtube=]

WDC: Aqua Cats!