The Halloween season is a typically busy time for police, firefighters, hookers and the like, but not so for the Sworse. It seems that the forces of evil, intent on destroying the horse industry from within (crappy breeders, horse abusers, and the other broad-spectrum nincompoops), take the day off from[…]

Chronicle of the Sworse: Halloween

I know some of our readers think we’re crazy in regards to our love of costumes.  And we probably are.  But we’re definitely not alone! At the Washington International Horse Show they hold a costumed Gamblor’s Choice class, which is basically Jumper’s Girl’s idea of riding heaven.  The following video[…]

WDC: Even the pros do it!

Photo by Solent News and Photo Agency

This post originally started out with us making fun of the horse – well, not the horse but the people who bred him.  I know, shocking that we would poke fun at what we assumed to be caused by backyard breeders (Whoa there, Sworse, take it easy boy!).  However, we[…]

Love really is blind


6 Gaited Horse Partial Lease – $200 Walk, trot, canter, running walk, pace, and wickety-wack. Buck and rear at no extra charge. This cantankerous, spoiled Brat of a horse needs another experienced rider to keep him in work this winter. You will fall in love, in spite of yourself. Direct[…]

Horses are not 6-speeds!

Grace after rescue

Recently we asked you readers to help out Strawberry Mountain Mustangs.  They wanted public input on sentencing recommendations for the neglect case involving a horse named Grace.  The sentencing was on Monday, and we thought we’d take a minute to review the case.Grace after being rescued and fed food she[…]

Legalities and other nonsense


Over the past week you, like us, have gotten to know Lee Stanek a little bit.  By now you have a decent idea of what he’s about.  He’s a speak your mind, consequences be damned; I’m right, you’re wrong, kind of guy.  If you’ve been following our posts you probably[…]

Calling for nominations