What is with Quarter Horse people?  First of all, how is this an attractive horse?  Secondly, how is this massive bulk supposed to perform?  DOES NO ONE REMEMBER THAT THE FEATS CALLED FOR IN THE SHOW RING WERE ORIGINALLY TO TEST THE HORSES SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC TASK?!  The only[…]

Body Builders

Run away!! (as in, you should run away from buying this horse)

I was looking for sale ads the other day for free horses – the idea was to post a few free ads of decent horses with an outrageously priced sale ad and see if anyone could guess which was the horse owned by the people with their heads shoved up[…]

Get me mah shears!


I’m sure most of you have heard of the Sphynx cats: and Chinese Crested dogs: But horses? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a hairless horse.  And this little filly isn’t the only one!  There have been sporadic reported cases over the years.  Records of this phenomena appear to go[…]

Hairless… Horses?

Studly von Chipmunkerstein

It’s that time of the year again.  The leaves are falling, the day is shorter and the temperature is heading towards the dreaded zero.  It’s at this time that the cute little woodland critters go into hibernation.  We wish this stud would go into hibernation too! This horse was found[…]

The Horsemunk

What am I?

We thought we’d do something a little fun today given that this week has been kind of serious what with starvation and TWH “trainers”.  So now, without further adieu, today’s contest: Find the Quarter Horse!  Make your guesses in the comments section and we’ll post the answers a little later![…]

Find the Quarter Horse!