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I’ve been told that the internet is dumbing down society. How can that be? With all of that information how could we be getting dumber? Then I read some sales ads, or worse spend some time on social media. I wade through misspelled words, poor grammar, a compete lack of[...]

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The other day, I was surfing the shares of a post I had made, I do that sometimes. As I read through the comments, I came across this… What the hell? I am not over the top animal rights over people, I am anti stupid people owning horses activist! After[...]

Animal Rights Activists


Tacky Tuesday!!!     People seem to struggle with saddle fit, so I am making an attempt to explain the basics of saddle fit in a way most people can understand.   One of the most common mistakes people make is a saddle that is too wide and sits down[...]

Tacky Tuesday! Saddle fit

Page- Guest Rant

 Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Agree to a Pre-Purchase Trial Period I wish I had a time machine so I could travel back to last February and punch myself in the face when I agreed to let a potential buyer take my horse Page on a 30-day pre-purchase trial.[...]

Freaky Friday Guest Rant


Fridays on the facebook page, I have started Freaky Friday. People send me their stories or their rants and I post them through out the day. It’s been fun, and sometimes people even learn something. One of the stories today was about letting somebody ride who claimed to be a[...]

Freaky Fridays

take my money

There are some bizarre trend in sales ads, but I think the one that annoys me the most is the tendency of people to make excuses for the writers of the ads. The whole point of putting a horse up for sale is to sell it. At this point the[...]

Shut up and take my money!!!

…you produce enough foals every year that you easily donate 15+/- to a university for lab research!! …your solid white foals keep on dying and you have no idea why!?!?! …slaughter houses closing is your number one excuse for your foals being so cheap. …You have no idea how to[...]

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