Tacky Tuesday!!!     People seem to struggle with saddle fit, so I am making an attempt to explain the basics of saddle fit in a way most people can understand.   One of the most common mistakes people make is a saddle that is too wide and sits down[...]

Tacky Tuesday! Saddle fit

Page- Guest Rant

 Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Agree to a Pre-Purchase Trial Period I wish I had a time machine so I could travel back to last February and punch myself in the face when I agreed to let a potential buyer take my horse Page on a 30-day pre-purchase trial.[...]

Freaky Friday Guest Rant


Fridays on the facebook page, I have started Freaky Friday. People send me their stories or their rants and I post them through out the day. It’s been fun, and sometimes people even learn something. One of the stories today was about letting somebody ride who claimed to be a[...]

Freaky Fridays